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Why Upgrade to LED Lighting?

  • Immediate 40-75% Savings on the Lighting Portion of Your Electric Bill

  • Low Capital Commitment Due to Utility Rebates & Tax Incentives
    Resulting in High Return on Investment
    Provides for a Short Breakeven Period

  • Virtually Eliminate Your Replacement and Maintenance Costs
    No More Changing Bulbs or Ballasts!
    LED’s are Rated for 15-30 Year Life; Warrantied for 5-10 Years

  • You May Capture Tax Credits for Old Efficiency Projects if You Upgrade

In the Process, You Get Better Quality Light

Full Spectrum: With Better Color Rendering – Like Natural Sunlight

Safer: Remove Ultra Violet Rays and Toxic Mercury From your Premises

Healthier: No Flicker or Hum that Can Make People Sick

Greener: Burning Fewer Fossil Fuels = Less Greenhouse Gasses

Less Hazardous: No more climbing on chairs, desks, ladders or scissor lifts to change bulbs

More Attractive: No Fading, Discolored, Flickering or Burnt-Out Bulbs

Why Now?

  • Savings are Real, Significant and Immediate – There is a Cost to Waiting

  • Rebates Will Continue to Go Down

  • Ultimately, Incentives Will be Replaced with Penalties and/or Mandates

Kilfinane Energy

Capital Efficient Lighting Solutions

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Why Kilfinane?

Optimal Lighting Solutions with Compelling Long-Term ROI

Unique Combination of Financial, Regulatory and Lighting Expertise

Open Architecture with Consultative Approach = No Conflicts of Interest

Why Kilfinane?

Optimal Lighting Solutions with Compelling Long-Term ROI

Unique Combination of Financial, Regulatory and Lighting Expertise

Open Architecture with Consultative Approach = No Conflicts of Interest

Success Stories…

  • “Recently the Connetquot CSD engaged in a capital project that involved the replacement of well over 100 classroom ceilings with an initial plan to reuse older T8 light fixtures. Unfortunately the entire project ground to a halt when it was learned that the old fixtures could not be reused due to their design. At that point well over 50 classrooms, containing close to 500 fixtures were already demoed. Finding a supplier for that number of fixtures proved to be hopeless as quantities or cost quickly limited the district’s options.

    What appeared to be an insurmountable hurdle was quickly tackled when the district was put in touch with Jay Ryan from Kilfinane Energy Partners. Not only was Jay able to locate the quantity of fixtures needed, but the fixtures he located exceeded expectations, and were more cost effective than imaginable after the rebate was applied, which Jay personally applied for on behalf of the district. Additionally, the turnaround from ordering to delivery was nothing short of miraculous as a total of 585 fixtures were delivered to multiple locations throughout the district within 48 hours of the order being placed.

    While I look forward to turning the page on this project I do have an eye towards the future and being able to continue the lighting replacement project with Jay Ryan and Kilfinane. At times trying to get things accomplished quickly in a school district seems to be impossible, but with the help of professionals like Jay the impossible became reality.”

    John W. Allen, Clerk of the Works/Assistant to the Superintendent, Connetquot Central School District

  • "This summer, Kilfinane Energy Consultants installed LED lighting in the office building that I own here on Long Island. The quality and the aesthetic appeal of the lighting is great. My tenants love it. We have a floor of offices below ground level, and many have commented that the new light feels like daylight. Outside, our parking lot is now much brighter and safer. During the planning and installation process, when issues arose, Kilfinane dealt with them immediately and resolved them to my satisfaction."

    Kevin Smith, KMS Solutions

  • "Our business includes four different construction companies run out of a large facility in the Hauppauge Industrial Park. We recently upgraded the lights in our offices and our warehouse to LED in order to cut costs and improve the bottom line. Kilfinane Energy Consultants managed the project from start to finish with attention to detail. They were patient as we worked to find the right fixtures and installation went off without a hitch. The lights look great and the occupancy sensors in the warehouse work like a charm. After the job was finished, Kilfinane introduced us to an outside expert in order to save us money on this project, and to help us make more money on future construction projects. They truly act as consultants and provided us with solutions beyond the LED lights.”

    Jim Sutherland, President, Hi-Lume Corporation, WJ Northridge Construction, Liberty Door Works, Inc., and Precision Interiors Construction Corp

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“Our goal is to create a brighter, safer, healthier and more productive working environment for our clients, while helping to provide a cleaner, greener, and more energy-independent USA.”

"At the same time, we strive to deliver an optimal solution for a fair price, ensuring a compelling return on investment for our clients.”

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